TranslateIt! Deluxe Widget 4.0

Translate any word instantly on your Dashboard


  • Instantly accessible on Dashboard


  • Functionality poor

Not good

TranslateIt! will come in handy if you need to quickly translate words on your Dashboard.

Translations are based on the dictionary you have selected on the reverse of the widget, although we found it impossible to select a dictionary at the time of testing. There's also a "Morphology" field which similarly wouldn't let us select a language. Whether this was because the database was temporarily down or whether it is a bug in the widget we're not sure but the main problem it's based on, TranslateIt! Deluxe, works fine.

TranslateIt! is a simple translation widget although functionality was poor at the time of testing.

Chinese localization updated


  • Chinese localization updated


TranslateIt! Deluxe Widget 4.0

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